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Manual Superstand

The manual Superstand standing wheelchair is powered by you. The user propels him or herself like any other manual wheelchair, but they can also stand upright quickly and easily in mere seconds.

The manual Superstand produces a wealth of health and lifestyle benefits. Standing enables you to perform jobs that may otherwise be difficult to accomplish. Our customers use standing wheelchairs to golf, cook, hunt, fix cars, and countless other activities that are significantly more difficult to complete from a seated position. And it’s nice to stand above a crowd or reach a high cabinet from time to time.

Each wheelchair is completely custom-built in the United States based upon your unique body type, physicality, and preferences. You can even choose your paint color!

Product Photos

manual power standing wheelchair in seated position (thumbnail) manual power wheelchair in sitting position (thumbnail) manual power wheelchair standing position (thumbnail) man working on car from standing wheelchair (thumbnail) woman accessing cabinet thanks to standing wheelchair (thumbnail) Arek Trenholm stands for the pledge of allegiance in his manual power standing wheelchair (thumbnail) Arek Trenholm stands in his manual power standing wheelchair (thumbnail)

Product Specs

Front To Back Length (Fully Assembled) 44"
Front To Back Length (Legrest Off) 30"
Seat To Floor Height 20"
Seat Width 14"-24"
Chair Weight 75
Drive System Rear Wheel Drive
Maximum Weight Capacity 325lbs
Minimum Weight Capacity 90lbs
Maximum height of user 6'-10"
Minimum height of individual 5'0"
Battery Type None
Number Of Batteries None
Battery Maintenance Not Applicable
Travel On An Average Battery Charge Not Applicable
Maximum Chair Width For Folding 18"
Folding weight (minus leg rest, rear wheels) 40lbs
Recommended Cushions Roho, Varilite, Supracore
Recommended Back Systems Ja, Nylon HDV, J3
Locking/Docking EZ Lock System

Ready to learn more?

Many people come to our showroom in Michigan to receive a free evaluation and fitting. Under some circumstances, our representatives can even visit you.

During a consultation, your representative will evaluate your situation to learn whether a standing wheelchair is right for you. If so, you can take several different models for a test drive to experience our chairs’ durability, comfort, and ease-of-use.

In our showroom, you can meet the professional craftsmen who will design your standing wheelchair. We will also connect you with a funding specialist who can help you get the most value from your insurance policy or Veterans Affairs benefits.

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