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Standing Wheelchairs FAQ

1. What is so important about being HQAA Certified?

The Standing Company, a custom wheelchair manufacturer, has achieved the Award of Accreditation from the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation, based in Waterloo, Iowa. This award is achieved only when medical equipment companies demonstrate a high level of quality practices in their business operations and patient care techniques. The Standing Company, Saginaw, MI, earned the three-year accreditation after completing a comprehensive application that focuses on patient care, financial stability, and a commitment to quality operational practices and procedures. Accreditation by the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation assures Medicare and other payers that the highest levels of quality are practiced within all areas of the company.


“We sought accreditation by the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation to demonstrate that our company is committed to providing excellent patient care and safety in a financially solvent environment,” says Raymond Maczik, Vice President. “This award also reinforces that our commitment to quality is ongoing.”


Founded in 2005, the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation seeks to continuously set standards of the highest quality on behalf of the medical equipment industry and business owners. Its interactive, Web-based design is specifically aimed at the medical equipment industry, providing a targeted approach to accreditation and quality improvement.


To find out more about HQAA, visit them at


2. Where can I see more pictures of your products?

Browse our Photo Gallery for pictures of our standing wheelchairs, customization options, and customers participating in activities that are not possible without standing!


3. I'm a big person, will the armrests hold me when standing or transferring?

Our armrests are less restrictive and more comfortable than a belt or strap and are very heavy duty.


4. How is the SuperStand funded?

Funding a SuperStand Standing Wheelchair is easier than ever before.


More funding agencies are seeing the health benefits of repeated standing and the cost benefits that accrue to them.


Standing chair users generally have fewer UTI's, less spasticity, lower incidence of skin breakdown and no need for surgical contracture releases.


Standing saves the insurance carriers money!


We will work with your private health company, auto carrier, workman's comp agency, Veteran's Administration and Medicaid to help you get funding.


Unfortunately there are no guarantees regarding funding. However, even though this process can sometimes be lengthy and frustrating, you can be assured that we will leave no stone unturned.


The Standing Company truly believes in what the SuperStand Wheelchair can do for you and your funding agency. We will do everything in our power to keep you standing tall.


5. Will the standing chair grow with a young person or adapt to progressive diagnoses?

Yes, on both counts.


a. It is very easy to accommodate many changes related to length or height at no charge and there is modest effort and modest charge to increase width. In any event, a growing youngster won't need to have 4 or 5 different chairs. There is a lot of flexibility and adjustability inherent in each chair.


b. For a progressive condition wherein strength, range, or endurance may change, a person can very simply upgrade a manual chair to half-power or a half -power chair to full power at great cost savings for the insurance company.


6. What makes The Standing Company different?

Three things differentiate us.


1. Every chair is "custom made" right here in the good old USA ... no compromises.


2. We leave no stone unturned to try to secure funding for you.


3. Our follow up SERVICE is unmatched. Please ask our users. We promptly return phone calls and get things done for you.


7. Who specifically makes the SuperStand Wheelchair?

The Standing Company, with headquarters in central Michigan, custom manufactures manual, half-power, and full-power standing wheelchairs.


Additionally, The Standing Company is the ONLY American manufacturer of a manual standing wheelchair. And the only manufacturer of a half-power chair in the WORLD.


We have specialized in standing wheelchairs since 1990. We do not make or handle beds, walkers, oxygen, scooters, or regular wheelchairs. Standing chairs are our niche. We have done several thousand fittings, and would be honored to do one for you or your family.


8. What the heck is a half-power wheelchair?

The HALF-POWER SuperStand is a hybrid. It features power mobility (via joystick, motor & batteries) like any power chair to go from point A to point B, but the user stands the chair manually up and down.


It is a great collaboration between our manual standing wheelchair and our full power standing wheelchair.


With HALF-POWER a person can travel long distances and navigate uneven terrain without shoulder strain. Yet, still get the exercise and ability to stand quickly by using the manual raise levers. When we say "quickly" we mean 1-2 seconds.


This may not be the best option for high level quads, but HALF-POWER is truly the best of both worlds for many chair users.


9. What size of person best fits into the SuperStand Wheelchair?

We have a user in Iowa who is 6'11" and he's standing tall.


We have a child in Michigan as small as 4' and she's standing tall.


We have a user in Ohio who weighs over 360 pounds and he's standing tall.


Do you fit in between any of those sizes? If so, we can probably build a chair for you.


Remember: The Standing Company custom-manufactures each chair for each person, based on height, weight, gender, age, diagnosis, physical and mental capabilities, other needs and desires.


It's probably the first wheelchair most people ever had specifically crafted for them. It is not just pulled off of the shelf.


10. Can I fold my manual SuperStand?



All of our manual standing wheelchairs (up through a size 18" width) can be manufactured to fold easily and quickly.


It is a cross fold chair. It folds like an accordion. The leg rests can easily come off, the cushion can come off and the wheels can be designed to quick release.


So now you can take your SuperStand Wheelchair anywhere and stand at any time.


11. Will the folding SuperStand chair work with my car topper?

In most cases, yes.


Because we custom manufacture the SuperStand Wheelchair, we can accommodate almost all car toppers. Simply provide us with the dimensions of your car topper (or bring in your vehicle) and we'll take it from there.


There should be no extra charge to make them compatible.


12. What about braces instead of a standing wheelchair?

Quite often, we encounter wheelchair users who originally were prescribed braces in rehab. Many times (according to them), those braces are ill-fitting, or simply too cumbersome to put on and use daily.


Most users tell us that even when they wear their braces, they can not use their arms in a productive way. Braces, generally, are not very functional.


The end result is that frequently the braces (after 30-60 days) are not used and are then stored in the basement or garage.


This is very unfortunate for the disabled user AND the funding agency. Because the COST of braces and their weeks of expensive training has been wasted!


One of the best things about the SuperStand Wheelchair is that, as a SINGLE PIECE of equipment, it easily and efficiently replaces SEVERAL related pieces of equipment (a traditional wheelchair, a standing frame, and braces).


In this instance, less (equipment and cost) is more!


13. Can I use my SuperStand Wheelchair outside?

Most definitely.


We have many users that hunt, fish, farm, or work in difficult outside environments with their standing chairs. The chairs can go long distances over uneven terrain, but they are not all terrain vehicles.


Please note, for more aggressive outdoor use, it is possible to have dual rear wheels installed on the power versions which substantially adds to the "go through" capability. Please remember that it is still a wheelchair and it won't go everywhere.


14. Does the SuperStand Wheelchair climb stairs?



What the SuperStand Wheelchair does do, however, is vital to your long-term well-being:


It helps make you healthier and stronger.


It helps you gain greater independence.


At your discretion: stand to cook, stand to clean, stand in church, stand to make a business presentation or teach a class, stand to hug your spouse and children, stand to grab something from high shelves, stand for the national anthem, or stand to talk with people. Or, just stand because YOU want to.


Frankly, the standing possibilities are endless. It's up to you to fill in the blanks.

Have a question? Browse through our FAQs.




If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, reach out to our team of professionals today.

Help Wanted

1. Help Wanted - Sales People

The Standing Company is looking to hire sales people to help market the Superstand Standing Wheelchair throughout America. This would be a full time position.


Qualities that make an ideal candidate:


• A current (or future) Superstand user.


• Have a reliable van for transportation


• Able to demonstrate/present the Superstand Standing Wheelchair to chair users, hospitals, clinics, wound centers, vocational rehab offices, trade shows, support groups, etc.


• Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)


• Self motivated/self starter


• Detail oriented


• Quick learner


• Excellent driving record and insurable


• Able to service/repair wheelchairs


• Personal references


Salary: Base salary and commission, plus travel expenses.


Call 1-800-STANDING, Fax a resume to 989-746-9185 or Email a resume to


2. Help Wanted - DME's Looking To Add A Standing Wheelchair Product Line

The Standing Company is ready to partner with reputable; high-quality DME’s to help market the Superstand Standing Wheelchair.


The Superstand is:


• Available in three models: manual, half-power, full power


• Custom manufactured to your client’s physicality


• Custom manufactured in the USA


• Manufactured and delivered within 10 weeks


• FDA approved


• Frequently insurance supported


• Profitably priced


Call 1-800-STANDING today to learn more.

Cost, Funding, and Acquisition FAQ

1. Can I pay by cash or credit card to speed the process along?

Of course.


A generous discount is available for cash or credit payment.

Health Benefits FAQ

1. My therapist recommends a tilt in space chair because it would relieve pressure. What do you think?

She was right as far as she went. Tilt in space chairs are great for pressure relief, however so are standing chairs, and standing offers so many MORE physiological benefits. When a person stands they are exercising their heart, doing weight bearing, stretching muscles and tendons, as well as doing pressure relief.


A person can obviously perform more tasks standing up versus sitting or tilting. Standing promotes independence and self-esteem.


The great thing about standing is that as a person leads a normal independent life they are also getting a physical workout throughout the day without even thinking about it. As you stand to look out a window, reach a tool, or talk to a friend you are ALSO GETTING THE PHYSIOLOGICAL BENEFITS OF STANDING. The health benefits come about as a byproduct of leading a more independent life. A person gets two things for the price of one.



2. In a nutshell, why would a person want a standing wheelchair?

Our SuperStand Wheelchair can help make you healthier, stronger and more independent.


You can stand whenever and wherever you want, with ease and safety, day after day after day.



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