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By thestanding63469541, Jun 16 2017 06:24PM

Oh, the weekend is here….what fun to cook on the grill, go fishing, golf or play in the sun! You could certainly do all of that in a SuperStand Standing Wheelchair. #enjoylife

By thestanding63469541, Apr 21 2017 02:18PM

Going to do some grilling out this weekend, it would be much easier to do if you were standing....... Summer is coming, just imagine, the picnics, reunions, parades, touring, all made easier with a SuperStand Standing Wheelchair. If you order now, we can have it to you by the 4th of July activities......

By thestanding63469541, Mar 27 2017 04:30PM

This is an OutStanding story of a US veteran who has been sitting in a wheelchair for seven years. The VA just bought him a new SuperStand Standing Wheelchair and he is so happy!

By thestanding63469541, Dec 2 2016 09:15PM

The Standing Company will be in Grand Rapids, December 13th at the West Michigan Veterans Coalition meeting, demonstrating our Superstand Standing Wheelchair! We are a certified, Veteran Owned Small Business and we are proud to serve the veterans in wheelchairs!

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